«Virgin of Tenderness»

«Virgin of Tenderness»

Размеры (высота. ширина, мм): 200 x 170;
Техника исполнения: egg tempera and gouche gilding;
Год создания: 2020.

This Icon is made according to the type of the Virgin of Tenderness (Eleusa); face painting is inspired to Italian style.
The table is in lime wood. The pictorial surface is prepared with linen cloth soaked in glue, then coated with various layers of chalk.
Amethyst and carnelian gems are inlayed in the halo. The halo border is realized with «pastiglia», that is also placed around the gems. Gilding is made with gouache technique, using 24kt gold leaf. The halo is decorated with graffiti.

I painted using natural pigments and egg tempera.

The final varnishing consists of mastic varnish dissolved in oil; the mastic varnish is of particular value as it is very transparent and therefore suitable for very light complexions.

  • Client Daniela Natali
  • Date Среда ноября 4th, 2020
  • Tags works

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