«Infant Holy John the Baptist Led to the Desert»

«Infant Holy John the Baptist Led to the Desert»

Размеры (высота. ширина, мм): 330 x 210;
Техника исполнения: wood painted icon (tempera);
Год создания: 2020.

I felt a deep joy painting this icon because I particularly love John the Baptist (the « angel of the desert ») and the angels, which are often represented in my works. John is called by Christ “the greatest one amongst the children of women” and the angels are a constant link between Heaven and Earth, just as the Ladder of Heaven in Jacob’s dream.

Here, I wanted to express the elusive nature – to the human mind – of certain beings’ destinies. Why should a little child be led into an arid region, far from the inhabited world, surrounded by silence ? The answer must be found in prayer. It is only in this state of absolute deprivation that the breath of the Spirit can be perceived. For it is indeed this very kind of « desert » that breeds prophets.

I also wished to depict the obedience and resolve of the child staring at the sky, following the angel´s pace, the latter looking straight ahead because he knows where he leads him.

  • Client Buire Françoise
  • Date Пятница ноября 13th, 2020
  • Tags Оценка

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