«Saint George Icon»

«Saint George Icon»

Размеры (высота. ширина, мм): 280 x 210;
Техника исполнения: egg tempera and gouche gilding;
Год создания: 2019.

The Icon of Saint George is painted in a style inspired by Greek and Byzantine Iconography, with some influences of the Italian style.

The table is made of lime wood and is reinforced, at the back, by wooden wedges.

The pictorial surface is prepared with linen cloth soaked in glue, then coated with various layers of chalk.

Gilding is esxecuted with gouache technique using a 23¾kt gold leaf; the painted parts of the halo are made with a particular technique: first, the area to be colored has been punched, in order to bring it to a lower level, and then I inserted the blue tempera into the lowered area.

Painting is made using natural pigments and egg tempera.

The final varnishing is made with olifa.

  • Client Daniela Natali
  • Date Wednesday November 4th, 2020
  • Tags works

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