«Mother of God with Child»

«Mother of God with Child»

Размеры (высота. ширина, мм): 560 x 400;
Техника исполнения: egg tempera and gouche gilding;
Год создания: 2019.

The original panel of the Mother of God with Child was painted by Sano Di Pietro in the 15th century.

I made this table using, as far as possible today, the techniques and materials that were available at the time, as described in the manual by Cennino Cennini, written in 1300.

The table is made of lime wood and is reinforced, at the back, by wooden wedges. The pictorial surface is prepared with linen cloth soaked in glue, then coated with various layers of chalk.

I gilded it with gouache technique, using 24kt gold leaf. I decorated the haloes and edges of the garments with punching, graffiti, shiny areas opposed to opaque ones.

The Child’s robe, along with other details, is first gilded, then painted over the gilding, and finally, through the “graffito”, I brought the underlying gold into view.

I painted using natural pigments and egg tempera. Among the pigments, of particular value is lapis lazuli, which I used for the dress of the Mother of God.

The final painting consists of mastic varnish dissolved in oil; the mastic varnish is of particular value as it is very transparent, therefore suitable for very light complexions, typical of the period.

  • Client Daniela Natali
  • Date Wednesday November 4th, 2020
  • Tags works

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