«Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet»

«Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet»

This icon is my first choice because its subject is in my eyes the ultimate testimony of Christ’s teachings. With extraordinary humbleness, the Master does the task which fell solely to slaves : he washes his disciples’ feet.

The Master’s modesty also reminds me of my own master’s humility. Leonid A. Uspenski (1902-1987) taught me that the iconic Tradition was not only a transmission of knowledge and skills : when serving the Word of God, we are humble, we „belittle“ ourselves.

I wished to express this spiritual stripping through a very simple set of designs and colours : the darkness of death contrasting with the brilliant light of Resurrection ; Christ wearing a humble tunic instead of the usual red robe and blue coat ; a table in an unlikely perspective, apparently inclined towards the Master who becomes a servant ; a vase evoking a baptistry… all features that portend the great mystery of Easter.

  • Client Buire Françoise
  • Date Friday November 13th, 2020
  • Tags works

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